Man claims bear rescued him from puma attack in California. Officials dubious.

U.S. News – California officials: Man’s claim bear saved him from lion attack not substantiated.


California wildlife officials are casting doubt on a man’s claim that he was saved from a mountain lion attack when a bear pulled the big cat off him, according to a local newspaper.

Robert Biggs, 69, of the northern California town of Paradise, says a mountain lion jumped on his back and knocked him over on Monday while he was walking on trails, a story that’s been reported by many media outlets.

“I had a rock in my right hand, and I come around and swing and hit him in the side of the head, and it made a big screeching sound. And I come back to swing again, and I come around, and just about half way there, I see this dark figure grabbing the neck of the mountain lion and tearing it down [to] the ground behind me,” Biggs told, noting the dark figure was a “mama bear.”


Uh, yeah… Here’s the best part:

“I’m sure the bear was trying to save me because the way it was looking at me just two minutes before I was standing there watching her, and she was looking at me like we were old friends,” he told

It would be a serious thing if he actually was attacked by a mountain lion. According to California Fish and Game, any threatening mountain lion is killed. They are testing the blood on the backpack to see if it is from a mountain lion. If so, then this guy’s story will check out. If not… well he’s a good story teller then. Maybe it wasn’t a bear… maybe it was Bigfoot that saved him? Either way, this is a tall tale.

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  1. Margaret DeBlois
    April 1, 2012 at 1:00 AM

    Bear & Puma, fight over Man-Meal!!!!

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