Man admits psychic influenced murder

Psychic allegedly inspires man to murder parents

A man murdered his parents for their money after a clairvoyant told him he was owed an “abundance” of riches, a jury has been told.

In the NSW Supreme Court on Thursday, David Weightman admitted telling a doctor in 2007 that “greed kicked in” after he visited a psychic and started doing affirmations aimed at boosting his wealth and increasing his appeal to women.

Weightman was giving evidence at the trial of Terry Donai, who has denied murdering Pamela Weightman, 50, and her 51-year-old husband Bill Weightman.

Donai’s barrister, Malcolm Ramage QC, suggested Weightman carried out the killings alone after being influenced by his visit to the clairvoyant.

Weightman admitted he spent “all day long” following the clairvoyant’s instructions, telling a doctor he believed as a result “abundance would come to me freely” and that he would “attract that love that is divinely right”.

Source: TVNZ

I’m missing some details of this story, I think. It’s not clear to me what role each man had in the Weightman murders. However, if the confession of David Weightman is true, it shows he is a suggestible individuals that succumbed to some evil desires for wealth. This story does reflect extremely poorly on the ethics of psychics. They are NOT harmless. Even when they themselves believe they have a special talent, this influence on their clients can result in dangerous behavior. Of course, one could argue that EVERY psychic is unethical. There is no proof that psychic power is genuine and to claim so, is wrong.

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  1. Sam
    March 15, 2012 at 10:33 AM

    Sounds like the old comedic Flip Wilson Theology – The Devil Made Me Do It! or in this case the Psychic made me do it!

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