Lucky Lilli and her little extra legs

Six-legged calf wins Swiss hearts
Seven-week-old cow with two extra limbs doing well despite vet’s predictions that she would not survive

A six-legged calf has defied the odds by thriving despite a vet’s prediction at birth that it would not survive.

Farmer Andreas Knutti from Weissenburg, 19 miles south of the capital, Bern, says he couldn’t bring himself to euthanise the animal because she was “so full of life”.

He told Swiss daily Blick on Thursday that a curve in her spine means that Lilli may never become a normal milk cow.

But Knutti says that if the calf stays healthy she will still be allowed to join the others when they head for alpine pastures this summer.

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Photograph: Peter Schneider/EPA

This looks like the calf has a condition called polymelia, a birth defect from a glitch during the development of the embryo.

Anyway, this sort of serves as a story of acceptance of things that are different. And, because she’s a cow, maybe she won’t face what human who are different face in their societies – being ostracized by being an anomaly. Yay for Lilli.

A while ago, we had the story of the chicken found with extra legs. It was not so lucky in how things turned out.