Let your psychic advisor run your life

Meet the power psychics
More boldface New Yorkers are turning to soothsayers for advice on careers, love & money

Elizabeth Fotinopoulos might not be a CEO or an executive, but she sure wields a lot of power. The 64-year-old redhead is a “seer” — i.e., a psychic — and when it comes to her clients, she definitely calls the shots. “I run people’s lives,’’ says Fotinopoulos.

“I run their marriages, help them make money . . . People have changed careers, left relationships or adopted children because I told them to. ’’

Fotinopoulos is just part of the wave of psychic influence among successful New Yorkers. Some people have become so dependent on psychic consultations, they regularly check online psychic sites. One site, Oranum.com, which launched last year, reports a 40 percent growth in traffic over the past three months.

More men have been coming for readings. “When I started out, it was mostly women who came to me; now it is about 50/50,” he says. “Women have always been more attracted to mysticism and magic, but now that psychics are all over television, it’s become more acceptable to men. And more and more men want to know if they will be keeping their jobs.’’

Source: New York Post

These self-styled psychics seem to be acting a lot more like life coaches or their client’s Mom – providing a sounding board and a fountain of advice. A key point is that they say clients are often interested in professional advice and tips about how to do their jobs better. Why does one have to be psychic to offer that? It is a bit scary to think so many people would rather put important life decisions into the hands of strangers instead of deciding for themselves.

Maybe I can do this too… Wait, I couldn’t do something non-psychic and call myself psychic (which implies some extrasensory special “power”) just to make a handy living. These “psychics” are talented in one way, though, they are creative and provide a niche that people are flocking to. Thanks to TV for making psychics (as well as ghost hunters and Bigfoot enthusiasts) so damn acceptable. Yay progress. *facepalm*