Journals reveal defense of Lizzie Borden

Could the journals of Lizzie Borden’s lawyer reveal the truth behind America’s most enduring murder case?

Nearly 120 years after she was found innocent in the murders of her father and stepmother, the case of Lizzie Borden continues to intrigue historians.

And now they may have been given a new insight – after journals written by her family’s lawyer at the time of her murder trial have been discovered.

The two handwritten diaries will no doubt refuel speculation about whether it was the quiet librarian who hacked her parents to death with an axe in 1892.

No one was ever convicted of the murders, but circumstantial evidence appeared to connect Lizzie to the scene.

‘It’s all new material, completely unpublished,’ Michael Martins from the Fall River Historical Society, which acquired the journals, told the Boston Globe.

‘It’s the only file [lawyer Andrew Jackson] Jennings retained, and it’s the first idea we have about how the defense went about building its case.’

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This sounds like a wonderful treasure trove of info. The pieces are fragile but it is hoped they will be published. Considering the continuing interest in Lizzie Borden, I think the published journals would sell well. Did she do it? I’m fairly certain, yes, she got away with it. She was like the O.J. Simpson of her time. We may never know for sure.