How do homeopathic vaccines work? 200 year old magic

Warning on homoeopathy vaccines

Doctors are warning people not to trust homoeopathic whooping cough vaccines while health authorities fail to stop those advertising them during an epidemic that has claimed lives.

Immunisation specialist at the Royal Children’s Hospital Dr Nigel Crawford said there was no evidence to support homoeopathic vaccines for whooping cough, which can be fatal, especially for infants who have not been immunised.

“There’s no scientific evidence for homoeopathic medicines either preventing whooping cough or treating it,” he said.

Whooping cough is at an all-time high of more than 13,000 cases last year, claiming two babies’ lives, including one in Victoria. While the epidemic continues, public health expert Dr Ken Harvey, of La Trobe University, said several homoeopaths were advertising alternative vaccines, including one group that has ignored repeated warnings from the Therapeutic Goods Administration to stop.

This was being done despite the TGA’s complaints resolution panel ruling on several occasions that the group had misled the public about homoeopathic remedies for serious infectious diseases, including whooping cough and was exploiting consumers’ lack of knowledge.

It has ordered the group to replace the information with retractions but the orders have been ignored.

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This is infuriating. The homeopaths not only admit they have no scientific evidence and ignore orders to stop, saying they “let it slide”, but they claim that they KNOW it works because homeopathy has been used for 200 years.

The hammer has not fallen hard enough on homeopaths who promote this nonsense. Submit your vaccines, have them tested (to find there is NOTHING in them) and then your only course of explanation will be, “It’s MAGIC”. Then, tell the parents who wish to have this administered to their kids that there is no active ingredient, it just works by magic. Exploiting consumers’ lack of knowledge, indeed! However, parents who accept this crap are to blame as well. It’s the 21st century, we left witch doctor medicine behind centuries ago.