Hoping and wishing on the lottery. Psychic fail.

WSET.com – ABC13 – Psychics Foresee Lottery Fortunes.

The Mega Millions Jackpot has climbed to the third-highest on record – $363 million. Some people pick numbers by birth dates, anniversaries, social security numbers, and others rely on someone with experience.

They don’t call Rose Nicholas a fortune teller for nothing. The psychic and tarot card reader says she’s helped clients win up to $3 million playing the lottery. And she says she has struck it big.

“I won in Florida, the bingo, a lot of times,” Nicholas said.

She says the most she’s ever won is $150,000.

Source: WSET (Virginia)

Wait! Isn’t that cheating? And how come only so little for herself? Watch the news video below about how people are wishing and hoping THEY will be the ones with the winning number.

Oh, the reported played the numbers given to her by the psychic… no one won last night when this story ran. YEEEEeeeeeaaaaahhhhh…… psychics.

Link to video