Homeopathy to be outed as unethical in Australia?

Alternative medicine crackdown

Homeopaths are facing a fight to defend their practice in Australia after the National Health and Medical Research Council flagged it might declare their work baseless and unethical.

A draft public statement seen by The Age concluded it was ”unethical for health practitioners to treat patients using homeopathy, for the reason that homeopathy (as a medicine or procedure) has been shown not to be efficacious”.

The confidential statement, which was not meant to be distributed, is based on a 2010 evaluation of homeopathy by the British House of Commons science and technology committee, which declared it was no more efficacious than a placebo.

Australian Medical Association president Steve Hambleton backed the council’s draft statement. He said he hoped it would force health insurers to reconsider their funding of homeopathy, as well as other ”questionable” therapies such as iridology and reflexology.

Source: @EdzardErnst on Twitter

This is ENCOURAGING! The more information that gets out there to show the sham behind these treatments, the better. I particularly like the “unethical” part. This is strong language that would suggest that homeopathy is not “harmless” but wrong to promote. Several stories in the media have put homeopathy under fire – it doesn’t work, people are dissatisfied and it should be outed as the scientifically implausible waste that it is.