Giant manta ray killed by ship’s anchor

Giant manta raised from the depths off Africa by ship’s anchor.

There are few details, but images posted this week to a Nairaland website forum starkly illustrate a story about a giant manta being hauled aboard an oil-rig servicing ship after becoming entangled in its anchor line in the South Atlantic. The unusual catch off Nigeria’s Bonny Island involves one of the largest and most docile marine species. Giant mantas, which are found in temperate regions around the planet, can measure nearly 30 feet across and weigh more than a ton. “The stinging Manta ray was killed when the oil rig servicing ship anchored at the middle of ocean near Bonny Island. The anchor of the ship brought the stinging ray up while the ship was about to sail. The stinging Manta ray was killed while resting at the ocean floor.

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First, the manta ray doesn’t sting. And, this is a shame such an incredible creature was killed. Very sad.

I have no reason to doubt these pictures. The size does not appear out of the realm of possibility. Yet, I am disturbed more by the fist pumping guy in this picture. You didn’t kill it bare handed, Dude. And don’t be proud it’s dead.