Dead creature’s odd features: Someone pulled a prank with this beached carcass

‘I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That Before,’ Unidentified Creature Washes Ashore |

Jacksonville, Fla. — “I thought it was a dead possum until I saw it’s feet.”

That’s what First Coast resident Paul Lovely told First Coast News about the creature he found washed up on the banks of the St. Johns River Wednesday.

Lovely said the awful odor coming from the carcass is what caught his attention. That is, until he saw it. Once he did, he was fascinated by the creature’s odd features.

“Other than it stinking like God Almighty knows, just the weird feet, how long the legs are, and it’s got a kind of weird-looking head but it could be just cause it’s rotted off some, but I don’t know how to explain those feet.”

Tip: Ghost Theory

 Here’s the problem…

This is so OBVIOUSLY a mammal with the front leg bones turned around so that the scapula (shoulder blades) are on the wrong end. Anyone who has every taken a biology/anatomy class would have been able to figure this out.

Within a day of this story posted on the above local news site, they post this:

‘Creature’ Mystery Has Been Solved

A carcass that washed up on shore from the St. Johns River and generated a lot of curiosity has been confirmed to be a common mammal.

Friday Florida Fish and Wildlife biologist Allan Hallman examined the body and determined it was a juvenile raccoon, according to Karen Parker with the Fish and Wildlife Commission.

What appear to be flippers in the photos are the animal’s shoulder blades, which Parker said somehow the legs got twisted around.

Yet, today, several days later, the site Ghost Theory posts this as a “mystery”. It took me all of 2 minutes to research the answer to this story. *tsk tsk*

The finder of the carcass said it was NOT a hoax, that’s how he found it. He is quoted:

“I’ve seen shows about chupacabras and stuff like that, man, but I always thought it was kinda funny until today. So I don’t know what it is. It could be something, a tweaked out something but I don’t know. Never seen anything like that before.”

Problem two: people watch too much crap on TV and eschew being juuuuust a little bit rational.

*shakes head, walks away*

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  1. David Murphy
    April 2, 2012 at 7:01 PM

    We found the same thing. The paddles are its hands. The arms are attached to the shoulder. I can send someone pictures too. I have seen several posts on this thing. But everyone thinks that it is someone playing a joke.

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