Davy Jones’ Monkee business about Charles Manson

Davy Jones Claimed Credit For Charles Manson ‘Monkees’ Rumor – The Huffington Post.

Monkees singer Davy Jones has died, but his music will live on with fans.

So will his creation of one of rock’s most chilling legends: The one about Charles Manson once auditioning for the cast of “The Monkees.”

In 1999, Jones confessed to FlashNews.com that he was the culprit.

Jones told reporter Baird Jones that he had been reluctant to tell the truth for years because he feared it would just reinforce the false rumor.

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Here is the Snopes page that outlines the false rumor

It’s one of those things that sounds just kooky enough to be true so people want to believe it. Check Snopes.com for every one of these stories that comes through your inbox and be the person who stops forwarding the untrue.

On that note, it was curious that Davy Jones noted that to try and squash the rumor might just enhance it. This is a known phenomena called the Backfire Effect. You can find out more about it by downloading this great PDF, The Debunking Handbook.