Cosmetic enhancement scam might kill you: Throwing a “pumping party”

Bail set at $10 million for ‘Black Madam’

Bail was set at $10 million this morning for a woman arrested by Philadelphia police and charged with injecting another woman with silicone in an illegal buttocks enhancing procedure.

Padge Victoria Windslowe, 42, who has been linked to a death of a British woman following a similar procedure a year ago, also must surrender her passport, the District Attorney’s Office said.

Walker said the woman had received an injection from Windslowe at a “pumping party” Feb. 19 in the same East Germantown house where she was arrested last night. The woman was treated for pneumonia at Temple University Hospital within two days of the injection but began coughing up blood last week.

She landed in Lankenau Medical Center for seven days, where she was treated for a pulmonary embolism, he said.

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Does this sound familiar? It should. Remember the “fix-a-flat” cement injections that nearly killed people?

In this case, Windslowe had needles, Super Glue, cotton balls, paper towels and a pink bag with a 20-ounce water bottle containing an unknown substance believed to be what she would inject.

The victim was injected and the substance entered her bloodstream and reaches her lungs. I’m thinking it also could have affected her heart, brain or other organs.

Windslowe said she still has prospective clients calling for what are supposed to be silicone injections.
I’m at a loss. How can you be this dumb to let someone do this to you? This is why we have this website. People believe the most dangerously insane things.

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