Chiropractic for babies puts me out of alignment

Babies get chiropractic adjustments.

One-month-old Freddie is a little fussy because he just woke up, but with a gentle scoop, his exam is underway.

Chiropractor Dr. Franca Alterman said she can tell a lot when she holds a baby upside down.

“When I turn him, there’s nothing fixed,” Alterman said. “He’s hanging normally and everything is moving right.”

She checks the alignment of his spine while his mom watches closely to make sure her baby boy is doing OK, and according to Alterman, Freddy is doing great.

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Please watch the video at the link above.

These stories… I can’t help it, I get a visceral reaction that makes my mouth drop open.

“I started finding the breastfeeding problems due to misalignment of the neck and head bones causing babies the inability to breast feed properly,” Alterman said.


Here on DN, I TRY to be objective and provide you with some questions about stories that only deliver partial facts (or misinformation) that you should question. In this case, this could be very dangerous. I don’t agree with the doctor – I think it’s dangerous.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that chiropractic works for these “misalignment” claims and it may be potentially HARMFUL to a child. No benefit! So the risk, any risk, is NOT acceptable.

This “activator”? Utter nonsense. The baby getting better sleep and holding his head up? Better explained by regression to the mean (things get better on their own). And, as any parent knows, muscle development results in babies learning to hold their heads up. No manipulation needed.

And, here is the kicker, visits are “three times a week for several week$”.

Actually, I think this ought to be a crime but that is my opinion…

What do you think? Am I too harsh?