ALIVE New York conference features top notch dubious claimants

Check out this rogues gallery of dubious claimants…

Speakers & Guests of ALIVE New York 2012 – Alive New York – Celebrity Health Event & Awards Show.

  • Dr. Burzynski will share his success rate with his specialized anti-neoplaston treatment & other natural cancer treatments.
  • Dr. Robert Young: He is the leading expert and will share the understanding the importance of balancing our pH and keeping our bodies alkaline!
  • Dr Coldwell is today by his peers the most endorsed alternative doctor in the world and known as the world’s most loved self empowerment speaker. Author of mega bestselling book, “The Only Answer to Cancer”.
  • Dr Pompa will share with people at ALIVE New York 2012 his protocols for cellular healing through true cellular detox and how that addresses the epidemic of hormone dysregulation which impacts weight loss resistance and unexplainable illnesses.
  • Mary Tocco is on the Board of Directors for WAVE, World Association for Vaccine Education, and is the Director of Vaccine Research and Education for Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines. She is on a passionate mission to reach parents and physicians with the truth about vaccine toxicity and injury.

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OH MAN, what a lineup of purveyors of alt med nonsense. No high scientific standards allowed at this event. Consensus knowledge and controlled clinical trials be damned. Selective testimonial evidence and pseudoscience all the way.

The best part is, this is being distributed via a live stream. This event takes place in June. Check out the website for more. (I can only IMAGINE the vendor area…I’d bet there won’t be a research poster session.)