AccuWeather messes up winter predictions, now blames tsunami debris. Uh, little science help here?

AccuWeather heat wave theory: Japanese tsunami debris – Chicago Tribune.

A meteorologist for AccuWeather — the forecasting company that predicted a winter so bad, “people in Chicago are going to want to move” — has a theory for the recent Midwest heat wave: Japanese tsunami debris. made headlines last fall, you may recall, with breathlessly apocalyptic predictions for the season ahead.

Five months later, winter 2011-12 is in the books as the ninth warmest on record, punctuated by a stretch of historically high temperatures over the last week, and the Chicago area remains remarkably populous.

“We’re wrong sometimes; we can admit it,” meteorologist and news director Henry Margusity said. “It was not exactly the best forecast.”

Margusity was a good sport about AccuWeather’s swing and miss, even offering up a retroactive long-shot theory for the warm winter and recent heat wave — the drifting debris field from last year’s devastating Japanese tsunami seems to be sending warm air aloft above the Pacific Ocean, which could be contributing to warmer temperatures here, Margusity said.


Wait, what? I was following along, happy they apologized for some rather unsupported hyperbole about the terrible weather… but tsunami debris? Where did THAT come from?

I’m thinking they may not have learned their lesson regarding crazy speculation. Try supporting your claims, AccuWeather.

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  1. Verklagekasper
    March 27, 2012 at 5:30 AM

    I can’t find any source suggesting that the garbage patches floating in the ocean (to which the tsunami debris contributes only little) significantly affect the weather. Maybe Mr. Margusity should share his revolutionary insights…

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