A bit too happy about his hip surgery: Uncontrollable laughter

Man can’t stop laughing after hip surgery.

A Dutch man who underwent hip surgery reportedly can’t stop bursting into laughter almost every time he talks, The Daily Mail reports, much to the chagrin of his wife.

Huug Bosse underwent hip surgery two years ago and now can’t stop cracking up no matter how hard he tries.

“It appears that due to the operation, due to the anesthesia, he was laughing more,” Bosse’s wife told the Dutch TV show Man Bijt Hond. “When you are having a discussion and all he does is laughing, then it gets annoying.”

Can this bizarre behavior be explained by a medical condition?

Dr. Erik Pioro, a neurologist at The Cleveland Clinic who is not involved in the man’s care told HealthPop in an email, that this case looks like a “classic occurrence” of a condition called pseudobulbar affect, or PBA. PBA is a neurological disorder that causes inappropriate emotional outbursts. People with multiple sclerosis or a traumatic brain injury may experience the condition.

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Oh, wow. Fun at parties but you can’t take him anywhere. Open outbursts of laughter are a bit weird. This is an interesting case. Seems legitimate. (I can’t help but love the contrast here between husband and wife…)

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  1. Bram Kaandorp
    March 19, 2012 at 7:03 PM

    So that was disappointing. One of the few times my country is mentioned, and no pseudoscience is involved.

    We really need to do better.

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