Why is Lindberg’s USO story resurfacing? A second object?

Second ‘Sunken UFO’ Claim Doesn’t Hold Water

Ben Radford peers into the Baltic Sea USO claim.

When this story resurfaced, many wondered why it seemed like simply a rehash of the August story. This pieces sheds some light on that.

Lindberg told Life’s Little Mysteries “I confirm that we have found two anomalies. We did find the other anomaly approximately 200 meters from the circular find at the same sonar run.” Lindberg explained why his team had not released the sonar image of the second object: “We decided not to expose that anomaly so much because there is a lot of disturbance on the sonar image when we passed it so it’s very blurry. We can see it’s something but to an untrained eye it might just look like ‘pea soup’.”

Not much was given about this “second disc” in the CNN article. While this may address claims that the original object was NOT a sidescan sonar misinterpretation, it raises some new questions.

Indeed, the second object looks almost nothing like the first; instead of the “perfectly round disc-shaped” dimensions of the first find, the new one more closely resembles a lumpy eggplant or a blueberry muffin sprouting what looks like an owl’s head.

Lindberg speculated that the two objects may be linked in some way: “There is a chance that the two anomalies had been parts of the same body from the beginning. But at the same time it might mean nothing, it might be a coincidence.” It was the (apparently) unusually round shape that first drew the public’s interest in the first find, but it’s not clear why the second feature would necessarily qualify as an anomaly—especially given the difficulty in interpreting (potentially miscalibrated) sidescan sonar images.

Source: Ben Radford

Credit: Peter Lindberg

This second disc is LESS than impressive.

Hmm. A hunch tells me Lindberg is benefiting from the attention here as noted in the piece. He suggested in the CNN article that this is an expensive endeavor and needs money to do a thorough job.

I’m curious about it for sure, but like I said in our previous post about this story, I suspect it will be less dramatic than a crashed UFO. Enough speculation though, this is getting silly – a giant plug in the ocean floor? Has no one yet suggested it was Bikini Bottom?

A cat?