Who needs evidence for a trial? Psychic KNOWS what happened.

Psychic juror prompts retrial

A juror in a Brisbane arson case has caused a retrial after claiming she was psychic and already knew what happened before evidence had been presented.

The Court of Appeal in November last year upheld an appeal by Arnesa Omid after he was convicted of setting fire to his own home at Archerfield in Brisbane’s south in 2009 in an attempt to defraud his insurer.

Omid appealed against his conviction and sentence because, among other reasons, the judge only discharged the “psychic” juror and not the entire jury.

In Court of Appeal documents made available on Friday, a transcript of court proceedings shows the juror approached the trial judge and told him she worked as a medium and already knew what happened during the fire.

“Sometimes this can be a real big burden,” she told the judge about her abilities.

Source: NineMSN

This story makes my head hurt.

Let’s assume psychic powers are real. Even if she COULD see what actually happened, she should not have to disclose this skill to the other jurors. She could keep it quiet and use her enhanced vision to convince the others of the defendant’s guilt or innocence by using the evidence presented.

Wonder if this will be the hot new excuse to get out of jury duty.

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  1. Fastmover01
    February 3, 2012 at 2:38 PM

    I just preface each answer with,” As the prophecy tells me..”

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