Washed up beast in San Diego. Or, what the…? (UPDATE: Solved)

Behold: The San Diego Demonoid | VICE.

The Ten Commandments of the internet dictate that anyone who receives images of a “monster” is obligated to disseminate and investigate them, even though incidents like this seem to happen about once a year these days. This one apparently turned up on Pacific Beach in San Diego last week.

The guy who emailed us these photos termed it a “Chupacabra/Montauk Monster-looking creature” in the subject line. Most people I’ve shown it to, including myself, think it’s bullshit.

UPDATE: It’s real.

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It is reminiscent of the Montauk Monster. (For my review of Hairless Freaks, see here.) At first I thought it was plastic-looking…

But, I can’t help but get the stench of bad chupacabra hoax all over this one. And, to do our part, we are gleefully polluting the seeding the internet with these pictures for your enjoyment.

Yet, it took all of a few hours to discover the truth on this one. Darren Naish of Tetrapod Zoology and original figure-outer of the Montauk Monster says that he was contacted by Vice to provide an expert opinion. What is it?


I stand corrected on the “fake”; apparently the sun and surf can give you a bleached mohawk. Party on, dude. Well, maybe not so much now…

Here is the facebook exchange on Monster Talk.

Here is Ben Radford’s view on Discovery News.

And here is Darren’s blog post on Tet Zoo, complete with opossum skull for comparison.

  3 comments for “Washed up beast in San Diego. Or, what the…? (UPDATE: Solved)

  1. Miles Martin
    February 2, 2012 at 10:12 AM

    I am not so sure that it is an opossum. Right above it’s head it looks like it has more of a paw than the hand like appendage that an opossum has. I would say it looks more like a small dog. Pacific beach, where the body washed up, is only a little bit North of dog beach, a place where dogs are allowed on the beach and too swim. It is not unreasonable that maybe someone’s small dog got caught in a riptide, drowned, and came ashore on pacific beach.

  2. Massachusetts
    February 2, 2012 at 11:28 AM

    Chupacabra should now be a code word or alternative word for dog or coyote. I don’t know why people still keep thinking of these things as anything other than what DNA has proven them to be: ordinary known canines with a case of mange or some other issue that leaves them hairless. And remember, in the 90s they were monkey like space aliens, not canines at all.

  3. diminish
    February 2, 2012 at 5:30 PM

    Those claws aint like any dog paw I’ve seen… I’m leaning towards opossum, that skull is a deadset giveaway

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