Was psychic Sally hoodwinked? Another accusation emerges

An anonymous person attended a show by famed psychic Sally Morgan and wrote a review. The reviewer reveals that he/she pulled a fast one on Sally and claims she fell for it.

Here is an excerpt from
Psychic or not – you decide.

On February 23 2012, I was tasked with attending a performance of Psychic Sally Morgan, and writing a review. On the grounds of what happened, the newspaper decided not to run the review because it would make a big story. It was then handed to their legal people who vetoed it, on the grounds of the fact that there is a current legal dispute between Morgan and a newspaper, and they had no wish to be drawn into the fight. I was told that Sally Morgan has made it clear that if any media outlet suggests that she is a fraud or that she is a liar, then she WILL sue.

Just before the intermission, she was suddenly overcome with shock. She could “see” an explosion. “A man being thrown in the air.” She couldn’t get the horror of it from her mind, but she promised to return to the theme on her return.

And she did. Clearly appalled by what she was “seeing” she offered the name of “Tobin”. Which is when a certain Evening News reviewer found himself in the spotlight. Her message was uncannily accurate. One of the highlights.

Unfortunately, the spirit who was “standing beside her” describing the details – the same details that had been written on a number of Sally’s Love Letters, and emailed earlier that week – was actually a death scene played by the great British actor Robert Powell as Toby Wren in the BBC series “Doomwatch” in 1970. Oops! Didn’t see THAT coming.

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Lots of questions raised with this one. First, it’s anonymous. We don’t know if the story is true but you would only need to confirm with others at the show that these behaviors attributed to Sally at that show took place. The fictional story could also be confirmed. It doesn’t prove anything – doesn’t mean the fictional event is what she is referring to (could be a real event), doesn’t mean that she isn’t psychic. But what it does do it is drape another heavy blanket of doubt over her so called psychic performances. Will this hurt her reputation some more? Hard to say. Psychics, even ones who mess up, still do pretty well.

Another point that I thought was interesting was that the newspapers were too scared to pick it up. Yep, blogging seems to be replacing traditional journalism for getting a good story (if this is true). That’s a frightening thought – that the threat of legal action squelches news.

Finally, this is an example (once again, if true) of hoaxing for a good cause. This is NOT an iron clad reveal by any means but it is an example of a hypothesis being tested. And the hypothesis of the reviewer was supported.

Very interesting story… Let’s see what comes of it.

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  1. March 2, 2012 at 12:06 PM

    Simon Singh tweeted that he was looking for people who were at this show. More to come from it?

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