Want a chuckle? Get a frisbee, throw it, and yell “LOOK! UFO!”

Breaking news: Claims of UFO sighting on Baildon Moor after picture taken of gold disc

This photograph – showing a gold object of some kind above Baildon Moor – was sent in to the Telegraph & Argus today.

To some, it might appear it is a frisbee or some such object, but James Hobbs, who took the picture, is convinced it was flying saucer.

Mr Hobbs… said he heard a “loud vibrating noise”.

He said: “It was getting louder and also seemed to be getting closer, I turned around and saw a large gold object in the sky which was some kind of spaceship? I was able to get my mobile phone out of my pocket and take a picture.”

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It’s pretty hilarious the rate at which worthless hoaxed photos are picked up and put out there as news by the media these days? Does that say something awful about the state of news journalism today? Or are they indulging us in a good laugh.

I’m not sure but I’d almost guarantee SOMEONE will entertain the thought that this is genuine.