The healing power of muppets

Taiwan man held in ‘holy’ Elmo muppet scam

A Taiwanese man was taken into custody for allegedly swindling millions of Taiwan dollars by selling Sesame Street dolls and other items which he claimed had “magic powers,” according to police.

The suspect, identified by his surname Lin, was accused of conning some Tw$3 million ($100,000) from a businessman with products including an Elmo doll, a Sesame Street muppet, which he said was “holy” and could bring luck, they said.

The man, who claimed Lin also asked him to “buy property in the underworld,” later contacted the police after he realised he had been scammed.

Lin was also suspected of selling the dolls to other victims for up to Tw$1 million apiece, as well as touting a variety of products for their alleged healing effects.

Source: Fortean Times

Uh. I guess, for some kids (or adult who are kids at heart), Sesame Street characters do have metaphorical magical powers and “healing” effects (like, for boo-boos and ouchy tummies). But, not quite in the way that is suggested. Weird.

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  1. Massachusetts
    February 12, 2012 at 3:44 PM

    It’s hard to believe people would have gone for it.

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