Super Bowl example of the “herd” in “herd immunity” (Updated)

Health Department: Measles-infected individual visited Super Bowl Village

The Indiana State Department of Health has confirmed a person infected with the measles visited the Super Bowl Village at some point last week, where an estimated 250,000 people were throughout the day. The person is believed to have visited Friday.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local health officials were notified Monday.

“This incident, a couple of cases in the state, demonstrates the importance of why children and adults should have a full set of immunizations,” said Amy Reel with the Indiana State Department of Health.


Don’t know what else to say about this except be fully vaccinated. I’m curious, if this person KNEW they were infected (probably didn’t), could you be declared a health hazard?

In the U.K., they are seeing greater outbreaks of measles. You know why? Disease hitches a ride on the path of misinformation regarding vaccines.

Indiana is battling its second measles outbreak in two years, even though its vaccination rate exceeds the national average. Health officials say the cases, traced to a Super Bowl event, illustrate just how vulnerable the public is to exposure from sources at home and abroad.
The 13 cases confirmed this month by state health officials have been confined to two counties, Boone and Hamilton. But all cases are linked to two infected people who visited the Super Bowl Village together on Feb. 3, prompting Indiana officials to reach out to health departments in New York and Massachusetts – home of the participating New England Patriots and New York Giants – for fear that the outbreak could spread across state lines.