New Hampshire antievolution bills ousted

New Hampshire antievolution bills dismissed | NCSE.

“The House Education Committee dismissed two bills this morning that would have dictated classroom lectures on evolution,” the Concord Monitor‘s State House blog reported (February 16, 2012). The bills in question are House Bill 1148, introduced by Jerry Bergevin (R-District 17), which would have charged the state board of education to “[r]equire evolution to be taught in the public schools of this state as a theory, including the theorists’ political and ideological viewpoints and their position on the concept of atheism,” and House Bill 1457, introduced by Gary Hopper (R-District 7) and John Burt (R-District 7), which would have charged the state board of education to “[r]equire science teachers to instruct pupils that proper scientific inquire [sic] results from not committing to any one theory or hypothesis, no matter how firmly it appears to be established, and that scientific and technological innovations based on new evidence can challenge accepted scientific theories or modes.” Although HB 1457 as drafted was silent about “intelligent design,” Hopper’s initial request was to have a bill drafted that would require “instruction in intelligent design in the public schools.”

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Well, HOORAY. Reasonable heads prevailed. More of that silly misuse of “theory” language and a definite exhibition of “intelligent design”. Who were they trying to fool?


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