Mystery interference in Cambridgeshire locked people out

Cambridge News | The mysterious case of village with its own Bermuda Triangle.

Radio enthusiasts claim a Cambridgeshire village may have “its very own Bermuda Triangle” after cars mysteriously refused to open for their owners.

Drivers parking around Waterbeach’s Green experienced problems locking their cars remotely and some said their cars would not start.

The “problem” was noticed when a group of radio amateurs met in the village pub last week and found themselves locked out of their vehicles.

Wojciech Piotrowski, a scientist from Willingham, told the News: “It was really weird but being the radio hams that we are, we sort of knew it was an interference of some kind.

Mr Piotrowski said: “A strong electrical interference source was radiating radio signals in one of the ultra high frequency bands at the southern end of the Green.

“The primary user of this band is the military. However, by Sunday, the problem seemed to have gone.”

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This happens with alarming frequency (haha!). It seems to be suggested that the military base was testing something that caused the interference. But it also could be something else local. It doesn’t seem that many of these causes are pinpointed because the situation disappears. Regardless, I object to the use of “Bermuda Triangle” for several reasons. Most of all, it has absolutely nothing to do with this situation and the Bermuda Triangle is a manufactured myth. Of course, the Daily Mail picked up and ran with this mystery.