“Marks” of a psychic scam (Update: Nancy Marks in jail)

Prosecutor says psychic bilked client

A psychic faces a felony charge after a client told police that she was scammed out of nearly $15,000.

Nancy Annette Marks, 57, made her first court appearance Tuesday. Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe charged Marks with theft by deception.

Howe alleges that Marks took her readings too far in an attempt to scam money from a customer. And authorities fear more victims are out there.

“The session actually ended by her convincing me that I had a curse on me and some evil spirit that was brought on my family and me when I was little and it’s gonna stick around and not ever let me have peace in my life and be passed to my children,” the woman said.

The woman paid for readings, special candles and directions on sections of the Bible to read for spiritual guidance. She kept paying but grew more skeptical when Marks’ financial demands escalated, the woman said.

The Johnson County woman said Marks asked for help in financing a car loan.

“She asked me to go with her to the dealership and get a loan in my name,” the woman said. “She even brought up things like would you rather pay $70,000 for this or pay for the funeral of a loved one.”

Source: KCTV5.com

This name rang a bell, especially after seeing this bit at the bottom of the article:

This isn’t the first time that Marks has been in trouble with the law.

In 1984, then Missouri Attorney General John Ashcroft filed a lawsuit against Marks and two relatives alleging that Marks told a couple that the wife would die giving birth and the baby would be born blind if the couple didn’t pay $25,000. The lawsuit said the three had defrauded individuals out of $320,000 by claiming they could be cured of diseases and personal problems could be resolved in exchange for money.

A quick search of the DN archives produced:
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Both mentioning Nancy Marks. The Marks family is ALL OVER the place. If this is the same person (not sure because she uses various names), this lady gets around. A Nancy Marks is also wanted in Arkansas according to this article. However, a younger Nancy Marks (ages don’t match) is affiliated with the Marks family under scrutiny in South Florida (“life coaches” article above).

Regardless, it does appear that this is the most infamous psychic scamming family around!

UPDATE: (25-Feb-2012) Nancy Marks gets 5 years in prison. Boulder County jury found her guilty in December of 14 counts of theft and two counts of tax evasion.