Mammoth video hoax: Original film revealed (Updated: Hoax proved)

‘Woolly Mammoth’ Video a Hoax, Original Footage Proves

We all knew the Siberian Mammoth video was a hoax. It was blurry, it looked either like computer-generated imagery (CGI) or a bear with a fish crossing a stream. The person who was responsible for the video runs a known hoaxing site, All News Web. But, wow, did this make news all over the internet.

The truth is out. Ben Radford uncovers what appears to be the source of the original video that DOES NOT show any animal.

Ludovic Petho filmed the footage at the Kitoy river in Siberia’s Sayan Mountains in the summer of 2011.

Petho filmed the river scene during a 10-day solo hike in the mountains as part of a video project he’s working on about his grandfather’s escape from a Siberian POW camp in 1915 and his walk across Siberia to Budapest, Hungary. The footage may end up being used in a documentary film—but there’s one big difference between the video he shot and the woolly mammoth video.

“I don’t recall seeing a mammoth; there were bears, deer, and sable,” he said in an interview with Life’s Little Mysteries. “But no woolly mammoths. I had no idea my footage was used to make this fake sighting.” Petho noted that his original video had been available on YouTube since July 2011, depicting an exactly identical scene—minus the faked woolly mammoth, of course.

Here is Petho’s video

And here is the copied and edited video with mammoth inserted. Camera movement and zoom has also been used.


Well, Michael Cohen, what’s your explanation? Even put your COPYRIGHT on it? *tsk tsk*

UPDATE: (14-Feb-2012) The Huffington Post has more:

When HuffPost contacted Barcroft Media, the co-copyright owners of the video, a spokesman was less than forthcoming.

“To be honest, it’s not really anything that we want to comment on because we just license videos and images for other people, so we’re going to sort it out with Lou and Michael and work out what’s the right thing to do,” he told HuffPost.

According to Petho, Barcroft Media was initially upset because it was under the impression that the river footage was Cohen’s property.

When asked for comment, [mammoth video owner] Cohen wrote in an e-mail to HuffPost, “I just looked at this footage and all it proves is that someone filmed the same spot at another time. While this new revelation does open up the prospect that this might well be a hoax at this stage, it is not conclusive and might simply be a case of the same spot being filmed twice.

“I was only given sketchy details regarding this footage,” Cohen added. “And it is interesting to note that if, indeed, a mammoth was filmed, it occurred in the Irkutsk region — an area of intense paranormal activity.”

I suspected this would be his retort – I didn’t know and it doesn’t prove anything. It is HIGHLY likely now that this is confirmed hoax because of Mr. Cohen’s history and the lack of ANY other evidence or prior plausibility that this is a mammoth. It’s ridiculous to stretch the bounds of credibility and reason and continue to believe this is an actual mammoth.

Just note that The Sun likely paid Mr. Cohen a tidy sum for this footage that got massive attention. An area of intense paranormal activity? Tell us another story, Mr. Cohen…

UPDATE: (20-Feb-2012) Blake Smith, @doctoratlantis on Twitter and a host of Monster Talk along with Ben Radford, has conclusively PROVED that Petho’s video was the one used in the hoax, destroying Cohen’s claim that it might have been the same location. You can rarely prove things in the world. This is nice to see. And once again, it was done by “skeptical” cryptozoologists. This shows that you need to have a truly open mind to help you see all potential solutions to the mystery.

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  1. richisgame
    February 15, 2012 at 8:38 PM

    You can actually prove that it is exactly the same video. It’s merely reprocessed with a “pan and scan” effect simulating a hand held look, and the blurry “bear” with a fish in it’s mouth, (or whatever it is), is simply placed in the image, by the white water.
    Look closely at the water patterns and cloud formations. There is an exact match to be found at 1:16 in the original video and :07 in the hoax video.
    (Unfortunately I can’t tell you the exact frame, as the counter has no frames, but it is there. )
    The clouds and water in any moment is effectively a “fingerprint” of a moment in time that will never be repeated… Just my two cents.

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