Journalist investigates nutritional therapy, finds a lot to chew on.

The nutrition therapists who put your health at risk | Mail Online.

A reporter visits a nutrition therapist and is LESS than impressed.

At the end of the 90-minute session, my body had instructed her it would take two sessions (at £50 a session) a month apart to restore me to health.

But in fact, I wasn’t ill at all: I’d booked these appointments as part of an investigation into the world of nutritional therapists. The picture that emerged was deeply worrying.

There is no doubt that good nutrition is being seen as an increasingly important tool in medicine, with researchers studying the impact of certain foods on a range of conditions including arthritis, Crohn’s disease, dementia, high blood pressure and even multiple sclerosis.

To the lay person, it seems common sense that food would play a key role in health and illness, but it’s not something a GP will typically discuss.

This is one reason why increasing numbers appear to be seeking the help of nutritional therapists.

You have to pay, of course, but many people take comfort from the fact that a nutritional therapist will spend 60 to 90 minutes with you asking about every aspect of your health, and will come up with natural solutions.

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This article highlights the various types of nutritional therapists, some more qualified than others. But also, she points out the very real dangers of nonsense testing, theories and treatments.

What’s curious is that some people see this as a witch hunt because she wasn’t sick when she went. Gee, the truth hurts. This was a good test. Not for everyone but highly revealing and hopefully makes people more aware of how they might be fooled into thinking they are receiving valid treatment.