Intrigue at the Vatican: Predicted death of the Pope (not a new Dan Brown novel)

The Pope Will Die Within a Year? : Discovery News.

Pope Benedict XVI will die within a year, according to a top-secret document published on Friday by the Italian daily Il Fatto Quotidiano.

Dismissed by the Vatican as “nonsense not to be taken seriously,” the anonymous report is dated Dec 30, 2011.

Like a Dan Brown-style thriller, the leaked document reveals a power struggle within the Vatican. The paper predicts the Pope’s death by November 2012 and details the measures that are already being taken to prepare his successor.

“During his talks in China, Cardinal Romeo predicted the death of Pope Benedict XVI within the next 12 months. His remarks were expressed with such resolution that his interlocutors thought, with a sense of alarm, that an attack on the Pope’s life was being plotted,” the document says.

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The Vatican spokesman says it’s “something that is so far from reality that I don’t even want to comment [on] it.” He did not deny the existence of the document but called the contents “crazy considerations that are devoid of any reality.”

Why is the claim so certain? Is there a plan of assassination? Does he have inside health information? Maybe divine knowledge? Hmm… The article notes that there have been allegations of discontent inside the Vatican. This sort of nonsense sounds like a symptom of that. But, sounds like there are some interesting conversations going on around the Holy Water Cooler.