Huge whale shark found dead in Karachi

Cranes lift monster whale shark in Karachi, Pakistan

FISHERMEN have used cranes to haul a giant whale shark out of the water in the Pakistan city of Karachi.

Crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of the beast – believed to be one of the biggest ever caught – as it was hauled out of the water at Charai Fishery, the Daily Mail reports.

Two cranes were brought in to pull the eight-tonne shark’s carcass out. But that failed, so eventually another crane was brought in to complete the task.

The largest confirmed wale shark was 12.5m long but it is thought they can grow to considerably greater lengths.

Source: Herald Sun

This type of shark is endangered and therefore a rare sight. And, this particular specimen is one of the largest seen. The shark was apparently dead when it got caught in the fishermen’s net.

Here’s a video where the cranes are trying to pull the 8-ton shark out of the water: