Grave robbers in modern day Miami

More graves found desecrated at cemetery

Grave discoveries continued at a South Florida cemetery after more coffins were found desecrated.

Miami-Dade Police were called to the scene of Lincoln Park Cemetery in Miami, Wednesday, after people visiting the cemetery discovered the bodies of deceased babies missing from their graves. The bones of adults were also found scattered across the cemetery.

At least three babies have been taken from their vaults, leaving people in the area horrified. “Who would take a whole human body?” said one man. “And they took the whole bodies.”

A dead chicken has been placed in one of the vacant vaults by the vandals, further raising the suspicion of the cemetery owner, Ellen Johnson, who is convinced it is the work of people who practice Voodoo or Santeria rituals.

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From the Huffington Post: Lincoln Memorial Park Grave Disturbances Could Be Linked To Santeria

Joseph M. Murphy, a Professor of Interfaith Studies and Dialogue at Georgetown University, told HuffPost Miami that human bones are used in an Afro-Cuban religious tradition usually called “palo,” or “palo monte,” to help worshipers communicate with the dead.

He also said “palo” is different from Santeria, which has its roots in African Yoruba culture, while “palo” is thought to come from the Kongo peoples of Central Africa.

The not-too-easy act of grave robbing does suggest that there is a specific purpose behind it, not just vandalism. Superstitious beliefs can be strong motivators for such acts. What is saddest is the disrespect these people have for what some consider a sacred place. Besides that, it’s incredibly morbid to steal dead bodies and quite a surprise to find this happening in modern day in a modern city. Things are not as modern as they appear.

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  1. Massachusetts
    February 12, 2012 at 11:49 PM

    It surprises me that people can go to an urban cemetery in a big, busy city and dig up a body or two, remove it and scatter bones around, leave dead chickens there (kill those chickens on the spot maybe?) and not get caught. Even early in the morning I’d think someone would see it, in an urban area. The article implies that this has happened before since “more coffins were found desecrated,” so I would expect the police to be making routine drive-bys or even staking out the place.

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