For realz: Purple squirrel captured (Update: and let go)

Purple Squirrel Found in Pennsylvania.

A purple squirrel was found [trapped] in Jersey Shore, Pa., on Sunday, by local couple Percy and Connie Emert.

“The squirrel’s been eating peanuts. That’s what we used in the trap,” she continued.

The Emerts currently do not know why the squirrel is purple.

“We put him in an extra big cage so he has room to run around, and we’ll release him soon. In the meantime, all the neighbors have been by to see him. No one can believe we have a purple squirrel!”

Tip: Fortean Times

Photo credit: Connie and Percy Emert

A punk squirrel! Cute little guy. It does make me wonder if he gnawed on one of those clothing protection devices that contains dye or that he was a bit too curious around some industrial dye sources. Whatever didn’t kill him made him unique. Sometimes, an really odd eyewitness story turns out to be true. Here’s the best evidence.

UPDATE (11-Feb-2012) The purple squirrel goes free. They never did discover exactly why this guy had such a distinctive hue. But the people who discovered him felt bad for keeping him in a cage so they set him free. Well done. Carry on unrealistic job candidate.

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  1. February 8, 2012 at 6:28 PM

    Very cool. Well, at least it’s not a punk zombie squirrel, shambling up trees in an undying quest to rebelliously feast on the acorns of the living…

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