Bogus cancer therapist found guilty of sexual assault on patients (Wales)

BBC News – Bogus cancer therapist Reginald Gill and wife guilty of sex assault

A bogus therapist and his wife who told women they could diagnose and treat cancer have been found guilty of sexual assault and fraud.

Reginald and Leila Gill claimed to offer therapies for women at their home in Cwmduad, Carmarthenshire, despite not being medically trained.

Mr Gill, 77, was found guilty of nine sexual offences and two fraud charges at Swansea Crown Court.

The court heard that Mr Gill sexually assaulted two women and told them they had cancer, then told them he could treat the disease.

Later tests by qualified doctors showed that neither woman had ever had signs of having cancer.

During the trial, the jury heard video evidence from a woman who said she had been sexually assaulted by Mr Gill minutes after he had told her she had cancer.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had gone to the Gills’ house with a friend who was seeking treatment for arthritis.

The victim, who had experience of and was interested in alternative therapies, told the court that Mr Gill had examined her internally before telling her she had cancer and that he could “get rid of most of it today”.

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So, what’s the harm in seeking alternative therapy? You are placing yourself in the hands of someone who has not been medically trained. Also, consider that if this person believes such odd and non-reality based things such as Mr. Gill believed, they might not be quite trustworthy in other areas.

Real physicians take an awful long time to attain the positions that they have. There are certainly bad apples but the odds of getting assaulted by a physician in a well run office is a heck of a lot less likely than if you enter the home of some unlicensed therapist that answers to no one. Well, the Gills now answered to the law.