Blogger talks to costume maker who claims Hovey Bigfoot photo is his suit

Breaking News on the Melissa Hovey Bigfoot Picture « R.W. Ridley.

The Bigfoot Evidence blog posted a video that compared the picture of the Bigfoot sent to Melissa Hovey by an unnamed source to an actor in a costume in the movie Clawed directed and produced by Karl Kozak. A visitor identifying himself as Karl Kozak left a comment on the blog claiming that the subject in the photo is indeed from his movie. However, the poster then made some other claims about a new Bigfoot movie he is producing and then asked for donations for his film. To say the least, this struck me as odd behavior.

I located Karl’s email address on IMDB and sent him a message asking him if he was the one posting on the Bigfoot Evidence blog. He responded fairly quickly stating that it was not him. He went on to say he is not working on a new Bigfoot movie.

Here’s the breaking news part. He identified the photo sent to Melissa Hovey as the creature from his movie. In other words, it is not Bigfoot. It is an actor in a costume.

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We did add early on that this costume was very similar. But, I’m not yet convinced it is the same. But, it is an interesting comment he makes that people are willing to trust Melissa’s holey story over Karl’s. Regardless of WHAT this picture represents, it’s not good evidence for Bigfoot. And you should not trust commenters on a blog to be who they say they are.

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  1. Tommy Titmouse
    March 1, 2012 at 9:51 AM

    LMFAO! Duh, the thing looked fake as Sh*t!

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