Big cat print found in Calderdale?

Is this another mark of the Calderdale catbeast?

The mystery of the Calderdale catbeast took a new turn with the discovery of this huge paw print.

It is the second time the big cat – thought to be a black panther – has left its mark in the ground.

The latest print was found in the mud by Malcolm Edwards outside the garage of his home in Wheatley, Halifax.

It may have been there some time, as the ground has been frozen hard for days.

In November, Susan Rooke reported seeing a black, puma-like animal scrabbling in her garden at Chevinedge Crescent, Exley, before jumping over a fence.

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It’s hard to tell if there are no claws. It is a large print. But only one? That’s the oddest fact here, that no trail was found, just a single print. But, it deepens the mystery.