Baby Dynamics: One of the most horrifying things you will see all day

Lena Forkina Teaches Bizarre Baby Yoga Routine | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities.

If I told you of a place where babies are repeatedly flipped, spun, swung and dunked underwater, you’d waste no time it telling me it was baby-hell. Or at least some kind of baby-torture camp. But it’s neither. It’s really just a session of Baby Dynamics.

People who are not familiar with the routines involved in baby dynamics are usually, and quite understandably, horrified. Especially when the babies being subjected to the movements are obviously uncomfortable, crying and even vomiting. But the practitioner Lena Fokina simply smiles and asserts that it’s all good for the babies. The 51-year-old Russian has been practicing the techniques of baby dynamics for over 30 years and guarantees that no harm has ever been done to a baby she has handled. “It’s very good for babies and not dangerous at all,” she says.

Source: @OddityCentral on Twitter

Lena says that all her children have been put through the same methods and have had outstanding achievements in life, being champions in free diving, horse riding and parachuting. There can be no better proof, according to Lena.

AAAAAAAA!!!!! I’m thinking arrest this person for child abuse. How awful! Apparently this is to develop their reflexes? Holy hell this is disturbing. I’m PRETTY SURE IT IS NOT GOOD TO HOLD A BABY BY IT’S FEET HANGING UPSIDE DOWN. It can cause brain damage and what if you drop them? How can this possibly work?

UPDATE (29-Feb-2012) More horrifying baby flipping pictures from the Daily Mail. Please… stop…