AVN Anti-vax group wins out over Health Care Complaint Commission warning

The Australian Vaccination Network has won in court agains the Health Care Complaints Commission.

Anti-vaccine group wins court victory

The network argued the commission did not have the authority to issue such a warning.

This morning the Supreme Court has agreed the HCCC was not within its jurisdiction to do so.


The Australian Vaccination Network, led by Meryl Dorey, has won the case it brought against the NSW Healthcare Complaints Commission.

Justice Christine Adamson found that the HCCC did not have jurisdiction to investigate the complaints made about the AVN. The reasoning for the judgement will be published later, but rested on the technical wording of the Health Care Complaints Act.

It’s a technical matter of jurisdiction, which unfortunately means the HCCC overstepped it’s bounds in issuing the public warning. This case does not affect the truth of the warning.

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It is rumored that the HCCC will appeal the decision but not confirmed.