Astrologer’s specific prediction about the Australian dollar didn’t pan out

Prediction – Australian Dollar Goes Loco – The Astrology Show with Jessica Adams, Adam Smith and Neil Spencer.

On February 3rd Neptune enters Pisces and the Australian dollar will go loco. Loco is the Spanish word (which I have carefully chosen) for ‘crazy, insane, mad” (The Urban Dictionary). Its new loco phase will probably kick in from 7am on Monday February 6th, at the latest, which is the next full business day of trading for the Australian Securities Exchange in Sydney after the new Neptune cycle begins.

Credit: Richard Saunders of The Skeptic Zone

Astrologer Jessica Adams made a specific prediction that simply didn’t pan out. Richard Saunders called her out on it on Twitter.

The dates 3rd Feb – 6 Feb have passed. Your judgment please on Australian Dollar prediction. pls cc @jessicacadams

No response that I saw.

Pro-astrology people will make excuses for such failures but the question remains: Why make them? Astrology does not work. That fact is well established. But astrologers continue to make a living at this stuff providing what is more akin to “life advice” that anyone with observational skills and empathy might provide.

I don’t post this to make fun of Ms. Adams. I posted it to make a point. Astrologers making such pronouncements deserve to be called out. If you want to put yourself out there for so-called hits, you have to take the misses as well.