Applying the “psychic” skill of observation to marketing. (Oops, he just gave away the game)

Here’s a Friday funny:

Ryan Deiss Reveals the 7 Simple Steps to the Psychic Sales Funnel in the Digital Marketer Pro Newsletter

This is a press release for a digital marketing company that explains why psychics would make good marketers:

The Digital Marketer Pro newsletter examines the benefits that would be received, if a competent psychic would apply their abilities to marketing, but not because they could hypnotize their prospects, because a good psychic understands that the most important “magical” ability of all is the power of observation. This ability of observation, the Digital Marketer Pro newsletter admits, is an invaluable skill to apply when implementing a prosperous marketing campaign.

When meeting with a new client, the Digital Marketer Pro newsletter explains, that a psychic immediately starts to size the client up, making observations about the client’s needs and wants, to calculate strategies on how best to appeal to the client’s desires. The Digital Marketer Pro newsletter goes on to add, that the psychic analyzes their observations, to make a judgement upon whether the client is seeking wealth, romance, or are they hoping to communicate with a loved one beyond the grave? The psychic’s job is to use their powers of observation to determine what a client wants, explains the Digital Marketer Pro newsletter, and then the psychic appeals to that particular desire.

Tip: San Francisco Chronicle (who reprinted the press release as news)

Just in case you didn’t know how most psychics work, that’s pretty much it.

This was a curious case of open disclosure showing psychics rely on the power of observation and use those to frame their interaction with their client to appeal specifically to what that client is seeking.