Another Burzynski patient dies

Brynlin Sanders loses battle with brain tumor -St. John News.

Very sad story made even sadder by Burzynski clinic’s false hope.

Four-year-old Brynlin Sanders lost her battle with brain stem glioma, – an inoperable form of brain tumor – at her home Saturday.

Over 600 people attended a New Year’s Eve fund-raiser that netted over $50,000 for Bryn’s medical fund. It was one of many events held for the darling blonde with the infectious smile.

Brynlin was diagnosed with the tumor in November of 2011. When it was determined that the tumor was inoperable, Bryn was enrolled in a special treatment program at Burzynski Clinic in Houston.

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No comment seems suitable for this that would not seem negative or hurtful. I can’t even imagine the pain the family feels.

People will make their own judgments as to the money aspect versus the validity (none yet shown) for the treatment. Bringing these stories out may make other families look closer at unproven treatments promising hope.

UPDATE (16-Feb-2012) Orac has a piece on Respectful Insolence.