Agency officer creates holy mess by conducting religious ritual in office

Religious ritual at children’s agency has ‘alleged demon’ steamed – Tampa Bay Times.

Luanne Panacek was in a second-floor meeting at the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County last month when a manager came to her door.

Employees arriving to work at the public agency that morning had found a strange oil on their desks and doors. They panicked — Had someone sprayed poison in the office? — and called police.

Just before officers arrived, though, the manager looked at surveillance video.

It showed two women entering the building the day before, a Sunday. One of them prayed and spread holy oil on desks and doors.

Panacek, the agency’s chief executive officer… had invited the woman to bless the building after what she called a “meeting from hell.”


Two things strike me from this (I encourage you to check out the whole article and see how interactions are playing out). First, this woman has superstitious ideas. Then, she imposes them on everyone else, makes a mess out of things and thinks ‘What could it hurt?’ *facepalm* Your superstitious beliefs may sound perfectly OK to you but they make no sense to many others. And, as this case showed, they don’t necessarily fit with the modern world. Now… take a gander at the GOP platforms.

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  1. February 26, 2012 at 11:58 AM

    It’s the 21st century. We were supposed to have jetpacks, not government officials (or whatever this group is, seems to be a blend of tax and grant money) sneaking around around casting spells against demons.

    Not only that, but it is just petty. Casting spells against demons because you don’t like how a board meeting went?

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