Acupuncture may have spread cancer: Case study published

Acupuncture-Related Rapid Dermal Spread of Breast Cancer: A Rare Case.

We present a case of acupuncture manipulation-related cutaneous spread that no literature reported before. Post-acupuncture cutaneous spread was noted in a 54-year-old woman with left neck lymph node recurrence after complete surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. The results of chest computed tomography and skin biopsy showed the metastatic breast cancer in the dermis. … Direct puncture of a metastatic lymph node might increase the incidence of tumor spread on the skin. Therefore, despite the efficacy of complementary and alternative medicine, its safety and possible side effects should be more emphasized.

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Acupuncture is NOT without risk. It may be a low-risk procedure but, since it has little efficacy, does that outweigh the benefit? In this case, it shows that it may have caused harm.

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  1. Jennifer Williams
    March 28, 2012 at 11:04 AM

    Were a chiropractor to offer a single case as evidence of a general trend, Skeptic writers and readers would have a good laugh and dismiss it easily. Why should we not hold ourselves to the same standard? The article suggests that this hasn’t been reported before, and so this case study should be considered an isolated incident; it may indicate a risk to acupuncture patients, but more evidence is needed. We can’t abandon empiricism whenever it’s convenient for us.

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