Wrap-up of News of 2011

Doubtful News has been on the web since August of 2011 so we don’t have a whole year’s worth of paranormal/pseudoscience/skeptical stories. (But check back this time next year!)

Tim Farley has done a year end wrap-up in skeptic news. Don’t miss it. Check it out here on Skepticality.

The BIGGEST stories of the year have been

  • Vaccinations:  The Andrew Wakefield expose, anti-vax groups still spreading misinformation, vaccine-preventable illnesses on the rise, and anti-vax skeptical activism.
  • Harold Camping’s End of the World Predictions: Epic fail. Twice.
  • Psychics bad press: Sally Morgan accused of a ruse in the U.K. and then doesn’t show up for a test, a spotlight on James Van Praagh by the JREF on national TV and his diss of the dead (zombies).
  • Burzynski cancer clinic: Skeptical bloggers call out dubious research and claims and… get threatened.

There were many more – good and bad. Stay tuned because one thing we don’t DOUBT is that 2012 will be a totally crazy year.