UFO in Scotland or wintery light reflections

‘UFO’ video sparks online debate | Scotland | STV News.

A video claiming to show two UFOs flying across a wintery Scottish sky has provoked an online debate.

The short video, filmed in a car driving along a snowy road in foggy conditions, shows two bright lights moving quickly across the sky.

The video sparked a debate among users to the site as to whether it was a genuine sighting of something unexplained or if it had a more mundane explanation.

Many suggested that the recording just shows the lights of a passing car reflected on the windscreen.

But the theory was disputed by others, with comments from users including: “None of the lights are moving at the same speeds as any of the cars.”

They add: “They clearly pass behind the car and they color is way off for any kind of reflection. I don’t know what this is but it’s no light glare.”

Credit: Fortean Times

The video in question:

It does look like some kind of reflection but not from the car lights since they disappear exactly at the same time the car goes past. It could also be reflection from the house on the left they pass by just a second before this happen on screen. There is certainly NO reason to jump on this as some paranormal or otherworldly phenomena. We just may not have enough information to figure out exactly what it is but it doesn’t look that bizarre.

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  1. Swamptortoise
    January 6, 2012 at 7:16 PM

    I’m not a debunker, but this looks like a reflection to me.

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