Turning to psychics to solve crimes. Becoming more popular?

Two stories today about families turning to psychics to help them answer nagging questions about their loved ones death or disappearance.

Missing Pa. Man’s Family Turn to Psychics for Help

The relatives of a missing 25-year-old Pennsylvania man said they aren’t entirely certain they believe in psychics — only that they’re willing to use an assortment of means to locate him.
James Slack, of Bridgeville, Pa. was last seen at a String Cheese Incident Concert in Pittsburgh, Pa., on Dec. 6.

“You just explore every option, and anything that can help out is worth it. It’s worth a shot,” Maureen Shields, Slack’s sister, told ABC News’ affiliate WTAE Friday while touring the area where her brother was last seen with the psychics.

Anguished Queens mom turns to psychic to help solve daughter’s murder

On the night her teenage daughter was murdered inside their Queens apartment in 2008, Sharida Matthews slept peacefully in a nearby bedroom.

It was the anguished mom’s last day of rest. For every day of the three years since, she has fought a haunting pain as she pursued her girl’s killer — a frustrating hunt that has led her from NYPD detectives to devotees of ESP.

Matthews is now working with a paranormal investigator and a clairvoyant, hoping their powers of perception can provide long-awaited answers — and long-denied peace.

This is not unlike the recent news stories about psychics flooding police with “tips” or visions of missing children.

It’s very clear that psychics DO NOT help. I know, I know. They claim otherwise but it’s just not true. There are no cases where psychics have led to a useful find. How to combat this mistaken notion that psychics help police solve crimes?