Skeptic Magazine tackles Scientology

The Decline and Fall of Scientology? Skeptic Magazine Makes the Case – New York News – Runnin’ Scared

A colleague of mine once explained to me why he keeps away from Scientology stories at his publication…

“The problem I always have with Scientology stories is the massive backstory, which is an obstacle that fails the cost-benefit test,” he told me.

I completely understood where he was coming from. It isn’t easy dealing with the steamer trunks of baggage that come with explaining new developments in Scientology. Which is why I’m all the more impressed with the job Jim Lippard pulls off while he deals with all of the complex backstory in an upcoming issue ofSkeptic magazine, and which editor Michael Shermer gave me an advance look at.

Keying off the publication of two books about Scientology published last year — Janet Reitman’s Inside Scientology and Hugh Urban’s The Church of Scientology — Lippard puts together a robust yet concise history of the church, and along the way makes the case that L. Ron Hubbard’s creation is in serious trouble.

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Wow, Jim! This looks awesome. Kudos to Skeptic Mag for publishing such a report. Can’t wait to read it. Make sure you pick it up and better yet, Subscribe!

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