Psychic consultant pinpoints your energy (What?) to aid in travel planning

Psychic Offers Travel Guidance to Reduce Commuter Stress – ABC News.

A bad travel experience can ruin anyone’s day, but a self-described travel psychic says she knows the secrets to guiding people away from the aggravation of crowds, delays and traffic and towards a smoother journey.

Linda Lauren said she is a fourth generation psychic medium and uses her gift to counsel clients along their way, whether it’s for a vacation or their daily commute — think part travel agent, part ghost whispered.

“I can pinpoint a person’s energy so that I can work with how they’re going to travel, and what they need to watch out for in terms of pitfalls or how they react,” she said. “Energy is everywhere.”

A half-hour session with Lauren costs $90, but her clients say not only is she worth the money, it also helps their businesses, although many of them admitted they would never tell their customers they use a travel psychic to plan business meetings.

“What I use Linda for is the same what I would use my accountant for or my attorney,” said Todd Evans, one of Lauren’s clients. “If you have to do a lot of business and big business and it really makes a difference.”

Source: ABC News

This is nonsense. But anyone can do travel consulting like this. There are stats for busy travel days, you can look at travel conditions around the world. Even weather conditions are at your disposal. Easy peezy to look like you know what you are doing and use mystical mumbo-jumbo to make it look magical.

Here’s a tip: Anyone who says things like they “pinpoint a person’s energy” is making that up. No way around it, it makes zero sense. But these business travelers admittedly want some sense of control for an activity that can feel VERY out of your hands. In that case, she delivers. Consequently, they conveniently forget that she was wrong.

Generally, travel plans go fine and she can claim success. But, at the end of the story, the reported recounts how one of her predictions was wrong for him, and he make a silly excuse for her, “even the meteorologist didn’t predict that”. Hmm, the weather man didn’t predict she, she didn’t predict it. Do  you think..? Nah, she’s PSYCHIC, man!

*shakes head, walks away, wondering what other idiotic things people spend their money on*

The video for this story is at the above link.