Paranormal Tourism in Tennessee: $299 a night

Tennessee town hopes ghost search can scare up cash | Reuters.

Harriman, Tennessee hopes that ghosts, or rather ghost hunters, can raise enough money to restore an historic and reputedly haunted building.

One ghost hunter wants to use the “dark entities” supposedly haunting the 121-year-old Temperance Building, a former jail, to attract both tourists and paranormal enthusiasts to Harriman, which was founded by anti-alcohol crusaders in the 19th century.

Last week, by unanimous vote, the six-person city council agreed to let Ghost Hunters of Southern Tennessee — G.H.O.S.T. Paranormal — show footage caught during a night spent inside the city-owned building. It will be aired on January 27 on the web-based Paranormal Network.

This Tuesday, a council workshop is slated to consider ghost hunter Richard Ruland’s plans to conduct paid tours of the building, with half the proceeds going toward its restoration.

[G]host tourists would pay $299 for all-night visits by up to six people and $30 per person for three-hour tours.

Source: Reuters

Another example of my commentary from last week on paranormal tourism. As you can see, ghost hunting as a recreational activity is a cash cow. Their “evidence” for the hauntings? Pathetic. But, go on, make up a good story for your fund raising or business boosting. It’s a tried and true method. People show up and pay.

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  1. January 16, 2012 at 1:31 PM

    Wow. In ’75 I spent the night in an alleged haunted house in Redondo Beach where residents claimed they heard a baby crying and a woman’s screams every night. All it cost me was a warning from the police not to tresspass again. For some silly reason, the ghosts wouldn’t cry or scream for me.

    Also in ’75 I spent the night in an alleged haunted mansion in Palos Verdes, and an alleged haunted, abandoned lighthouse in the same city. Just like the Redondo Beach house, I was alone, and just like the Redondo Beach house, there was no haunting to speak of. Good thing those were free as well; I would have felt horribly ripped off.

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