Oprah Network to air another show on miracles: Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief – About the Show – OWN TV.

Hosted by The New York Times best-selling author and Army combat veteran Wes Moore, each hour-long episode will explore stories of wonder, mysteries and miracles that delve into the unknown and unexplained. Viewers will hear about spellbinding’ ‘and inspiring’ ‘journeys of the unbelievable and surprising’ ‘such as the fight to save a soldier turned human bomb after a rocket is shot into his abdomen, a family whale watching adventure that turned into a life risking fight to save a’ ‘dying whale who is caught in’ ‘a net, the story of a true superhuman young woman born without arms who can now actually fly a plane by herself, and the’ ‘search for the virgin Mary that will leave one asking; what is the true meaning of life?

The show premiers January 24

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Oprah’s network has picked up another miracles show. If you watched the first one, Miracle Detectives, it has a nice skeptical balance and cast a scientist in the best skeptical role I’ve seen on a documentary type show. (WAY better than Ranae on Finding Bigfoot, in comparison.) Many viewers hated the fact that science had a decent explanation. This new show seems to just eschew that altogether. No reasonable explanation will be given more than a passing mention, it appears. It’s all about the miraculous.