Officials say and media reports that ‘wind turbine syndrome’ is bunk

No evidence’ for wind turbine illness

Fears that wind turbines make people sick are ”not scientifically valid”, and the arguments mounted by anti-wind farm campaigners are unconvincing, according to confidential briefings given to the state government by NSW Health.

Documents obtained under freedom-of-information laws show that health officials repeatedly warned ministers last year that there was no evidence for ”wind turbine syndrome”, a collection of ailments including sleeplessness, headaches and high blood pressure that some people believe are caused by the noise of spinning blades.

But the department’s advice contrasts with the view of the Planning Minister, Brad Hazzard, who was responsible for draft guidelines, released in December, that significantly tighten the approvals process.

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This is a GREAT article. Well, for me at least. I loved this:

“The documents from NSW Health confirm our belief that the foundation has been ‘cherry picking’ data that supports its allegations about ‘wind turbine syndrome’ by talking with people who believe they have … symptoms,” said a Friends of the Earth spokesman, Cam Walker. ”This becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy and is not the basis of good science … Yet, as has been noted by a growing number of medical authorities, there is no credible evidence of a causal link between turbines and ill health.”

How true for MANY environmental type illnesses! Then I laughed at this:

“We find it extremely peculiar that the Department of Health would dismiss, out of hand, anecdotal evidence,” Mr Price-Jones said. ”The fact that it is anecdotal doesn’t mean it should be ignored or cast aside.”

He just confirmed that he doesn’t know a whit about how science works.